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GamerVPN – Everything you need to know!

What is a VPN?

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is an encrypted network that acts as a tunnel between two devices which allows you to access every online website & service securely and privately. When you use a VPN it creates a point to point connection (often the VPN server if it’s a public VPN service or a private server if it’s a private VPN) and transfers the data into standard TCP/IP packets safely across the internet. Since the data transferred via the VPN is encrypted, not even the internet service provider, government or hackers can see what you browse or gain control of your information when you browse the internet via VPN. A gaming VPN is a VPN when one uses a VPN to connect to the country where the Gaming servers are located and game. GamerVPN is such service where you can use to connect to different countries to reduce the ping and lag.

What does VPN have to do with gaming?

Ever wondered what role a VPN plays in gaming, here’s your answer.
As mentioned above, it creates a private tunnel like network removing all the un-necessary packets/data used thereby can reduce the latency between the player and the server, meaning it can reduce the lag you face & make the gameplay smoother.

That’s not the only benefit, there are lots more which will be shared below.




Many people often confuse between VPN and PROXY.

In simple words, VPN masks & encrypts your data making it more secure. Whereas a Proxy just redirects or re-routed via the Proxy server making it come from a different country’s server.


Top reasons why GamerVPN is awesome


  1. No country barrier: You can play any game from anywhere and download exclusive DLC content that’s region restricted. You can also access XBox Live and PSN exclusives from any country.
  2. Be ahead: If there are any games that launch earlier in few regions, you can access the game using GamerVPN and be ahead of everyone & play the game earlier.
  3. Reduce lag: Shorter connection routes between you and the server can help you to reduce ping & lag. Thereby when you connect to the specific country’s server you can see a big change in the latency and have a pleasant & smooth online gaming experience.
  4. Connect to any country: If you travel and game, the connection route can take longer time. Using GamerVPN, you can connect to gaming servers from anywhere in the world and reduce the ping drastically.
  5. Play region restricted games: There are lots of games that are region restricted, you can play those games without any hassle in any region.
  6. Remove IP barrier games: There are few online multiplayer games that require an IP address from a specific country or region, using GamerVPN you can connect to such specific region and play the game.



DDos, the biggest enemy of online gaming.

DDos or Denial of Service Attack is an attempt to make your network unstable and unusable thereby destroying your network for couple minutes. This is the biggest enemy because they’re very easy to execute. And there are lots of ways one can get your IP address and DDoS it.

So, by using a GamerVPN you can avoid such attacks since your route is encrypted. Meaning you can completely avoid such attacks by using a GamerVPN. A DDoS attack while gaming can make your connection unstable and make your ping & lag lot higher making the game unplayable.

And not just avoiding DDos’d by using a GamerVPN you can also reduce connection times and reduce the lag you experience when you game online. You might have a fast internet connection, but the gaming server might be located elsewhere, that is when you use the GamerVPN. You can connect to the country where the Gaming server is situated and play with lesser lag & lesser ping.

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