Why you should have GamerVPN for everyday use!

GamerVPN is not only for gaming, it can also make your daily activities on the internet more pleasant!


Easily access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Pandora and many other services from anywhere!

Due to copyright agreements, certain programs/shows/songs from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Pandora or other streaming services are not (or only partially) available in some countries. With GamerVPN you can put those frustrations behind! We change your visible IP address to make it look like you are in a country where those services are available! Using our service you unlock all gates of IP based GEO-blocks!


Circumvent office, college, school network restrictions!

Many offices, colleges, and schools block specific traffic from websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks. With GamerVPN you can avoid those restrictions by encrypting all your traffic, which lets you browse the web without any chains, the way you want to!


Browse anonymously in public networks!

Most routers have a firewall to protect you from the internet, but you’re not protected from others on the same network. It’s very easy for even a junior hacker to intercept your unencrypted Wi-Fi signal. We at GamerVPN encrypt your connection through multiple VPN protocols like PPTP/SSL VPN/OpenVPN/IKEv2 Protocols to give hackers no chance.


Secure your data even from your own ISP!

Many internet service providers (ISP’s) sell their customers data to advertisers. Therefore its a huge breach of your privacy! GamerVPN fully encrypts all your data, so not even your ISP can see what you are doing! This prevents your ISP from being able to see your activities altogether. Which also includes all websites you open and any data that you send or receive.


Privacy is your right!

Just like your own home, your PC should be a place of privacy! You shouldn’t have to worry about what you are doing when browsing the web or downloading files. With GamerVPN you can feel freedom again!